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Transmedia project for children
Germany, Poland, France, Hungary, Belgium
In Development

The emotional road movie for children with a guaranteed happy ending will also be a crossmedia project, which will be shaped interactively by its young consumers across Europe.
Dchingis, the Mongolian horse, and lovely Ava, an orphan girl, are the best friends ever until Ava has to leave the Gobi Desert for a faraway city, called STRAUBING in GERMANY. Ava has been adopted by two exotic strangers and lives now in a land totally different from Mongolia, a country where the knowledge is bigger than the ocean. Dear old friend Dchingis saw her climb aboard a jeep and disappear in a cloud of dust. He is devastated. Left behind, he doesn’t weep in despair but feels that he has to travel right away to this strange and certainly dangerous country. But how can he find her? How can he make his way to STRAUBING? It lies in the west, where the sun goes down: This much he knows. He needs support to follow his dearest Ava and finds #MissYou’reWelcome, the encyclopedic snake with the thousand hats. They embark on a long journey through the great diversity of Europe, crossing Dchingis looks at the world with the eyes of a child and his soul is as pure as spring water. #MissYou’reWelcome, the turbo clever snake, the creeping „Wikipedia“ for an ingenuous horse in distress wants to tell him everything about the world on their way to civilization. In the end she will learn herself a great deal from him. Together, they experience a lot and Dchingis wants to understand precisely each of the situations they encounter. Each time #MissYou’reWelcome is put to test, as Dchingis brings a glorious mess in all her knowledge by inexorably questioning everything from geography to politics, or religion and traffic signs. Their journey from Asia to Straubing through Europe is long but never Dchingis doubts that he will find his beloved Ava. Dchingis, an amazing tale of friendship.
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