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La PARTISAN Filmproduktion a été fondée en 1988 dans le but de produire des films de fiction et des documentaires par les associés Marie Noëlle et Peter Sehr. Peter Sehr est le gérant de cette S.A.R.L.
Peter Sehr Marie Noëlle
P'Artisan was founded 1988 by Marie Noëlle and Peter Sehr in Munich/Germany and produced/co-produced many international feature films along with various documentaries over the years. Due to the biographical background of the two founders the main concern of the company was to encourage cross borders exchanges and promote European cinema as part of our cultural identity. With its film political commitment and its closeness to the team of experts of the ARRI-group, P’Artisan has built up a network of loyal partners worldwide. Furthermore the decisive involvement of P’Artisan by the creation of the „Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris“, a media supported educational program for young European producers enhanced the exchange with innovative producers from all over Europe. P’Artisan constantly keeps up with the new developments of the media landscape and is in particular convinced that transmedia storytelling is a good way to make a story stronger. Marie Noëlle is now the sole chairman of the company.
Marie Curie
Ludwig II.
La femme de l'anarchiste
La petite prairie aux Bouleaux
Love the hard way
U-Store it, U-Lock it, U-Keep the key
Je me raconte un homme
30 ans service de l'amour
Enfants cherchent parents
Viens donc ŕ table
Et pas un Tohuwabohu
Die Gleichheit der Geschlechter
En Préparacion
Comment j'ai acheté mon Caftan
Die vierte Kraft
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