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Featurefilm 2016, 95 min
Germany, Poland, France
In post production

Script: Marie NoŽlle & Andrea Stoll
Director: Marie NoŽlle
Left alone with two young daughters after the accidental death of her beloved husband Pierre Curie, Marie Curie faces her duties with greatest courage as a mother and a scientist. But science is ...
Marie Curie
Feature Film
Germany, Austria, France 2011/2012
Running time: 137 min.

Screenplay by Marie NoŽlle, Peter Sehr
Directed by Peter Sehr, Marie NoŽlle

Theatrical release Germany: 26.12.2012

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"A glamorous epic!" (ARD Tagesthemen) A dramatic retelling of the life of Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, one of the most fascinating monarchs of modern times. From his accession to the throne at the ...
Ludwig II.
Feature film
Germany, France, Spain 2008
Running time: 122 min.

Screenplay by Marie NoŽlle
Directed by Marie NoŽlle and Peter Sehr

Shot on location from 7 May to 13 July 2007
Theatrical release Germany: 30.04.2009

"The Anarchist's Wife" on DVD!

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"lamor che move il sole e laltre stelle" Dante - Paradise “No pasaran! – They shall not pass!” was the legendary battle cry the Republican defenders of Madrid hurled at ...
The Anarchist's Wife
Feature film
France, Germany, Poland 2002
Running time: 90 min.

"A Birch Tree Meadow" on DVD!
A Birch Tree Meadow
Feature film
Germany 2001
Running time: 98 min.

Screenplay and directed by Peter Sehr

Screen ratio 1:1.85 English
Sound: Dolby Digital
Distributor: ILC
Claire, a brilliant graduate student, is searching for the answers to life's questions in the quiet logic of her biology laboratory. One day at the local cinema, she meets a mysterious young man ...
Love The Hard Way
Running time: 60 min.

Camera, screenplay and direction: Marie NoŽlle.

DVD distribution.
'Making of' of "Love the Hard Way"
U-Store it, U-Lock it, U-Keep the key
Feature film
Germany, France 1997
Running time: 104 min., colour
A tale of two passions. In the sprawling evolving metropolis Berlin, a trumpet player named Myriam lives with Pierre and loves him dearly. Sheīs also irresistibly attracted to John, who is on a ...
Obsession / Berlin - Niagara
Feature film

Screenplay, Camera and direction by Marie NoŽlle
I tell myself a man
Feature film
Germany 1993
Running time: 134 min.

A film by Peter Sehr

35 mm, color
Dolby SR
On 29 September 1812, the heir to the throne of Baden was born. No soon was he out of the whomb than he became the target of the bloody intrigues hatched by the ambitious Countess Hochberg, who wants ...
Kaspar Hauser - Crime against a man's soul
Dobrila, the high-spirited and naive heroine of THE SERBIAN GIRL, is undaunted by obstacles. She has fallen in love with Achim, a vacationing German who has returned to Hamburg, and she is ...
The Serbian Girl
2001. Documentary. Written and directed by Marie NoŽlle
30 aŮos al servicio del amor
2002. Documentary. Written and directed by Marie NoŽlle.
Kids look for parents
Come to the table
Die Gleichheit der Geschlechter
Feature Film. Set in Williamsburg/New York. Screenplay: Peter Sehr & Marie NoŽlle. Directed by Peter Sehr
How I bought my Kaftan
In development

Script: Marie NoŽlle
A brilliant scholar from Germany is determined to solve the secret of erotic attraction. This man - a bachelor, writer, hard drinker, cripple and also a protťgť of the King of England - thinks he has ...
Die vierte Kraft
Transmedia project for children
Germany, Poland, France, Hungary, Belgium
In Development

The emotional road movie for children with a guaranteed happy ending will also be a crossmedia project, which will be shaped interactively by its young consumers across Europe.
Dchingis, the Mongolian horse, and lovely Ava, an orphan girl, are the best friends ever until Ava has to leave the Gobi Desert for a faraway city, called STRAUBING in GERMANY. Ava has been adopted ...
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